Technical Data

Location: Oversees the Garonne River at Rions, located 25 km south-east of Bordeaux city.

Grape Variety: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Cabernet Franc



Soils: Vineyard worked entirely.

Pruning: Pruning in Guyot Double. Manual green pruning. Green harvest.



Total destemming
– Direct cold pressing
– Raised on fine lees
– Regulated fermentation temperature (17
to 18 degrees)

Maturing : 100% in vat



A pretty shinning robe with grey salmon shades, a really bright shine and clear.

The nose is affordable, gourmet and it recall us a basket of small redberries, blackcurrant and cherry flavors. It’s also possible to perceive some notes of pink grapefruit.

In mouth, we are absolutely surprise of the sweetness of the wine. The attack is full, fresh and spruce, this give us some slightly acid redberries and citrus aromas.

In the evolution, we have a good presence with a fine material which is follow by a slightly acid freshness aspect which give to the wine a surprising level of lightness. The expression of the wine is clear, apparent and fleshy, not to complex, but with a really fruity aromas presence.

“… En bouche on a la sensation de croquer dans un grain de raisin tant la fraicheur et la douceur du fruit sont présentes…”