An estate owned by a renowned House of Champagne purchased by a group of friends from Bordeaux and Burgundy

When the Roederer group bought the estate in 2003 they saw an immense potential in this unique terroir managed for generations by the Réaut family.

Aiming to create an exceptional Bordeaux, they completely remodelled and replanted the 26 hectares of the property following the standards of the region’s Grands Crus Classés.

In 2009 the Champagne-based group redefined its business strategy and decided to sell the estate.

Led by Yannick Evenou, who was running Château la Dominique at the time, a group of friends and wine enthusiasts purchased the winery.

Château Réaut became the first-ever wine estate to be jointly owned by 6 partners from Bordeaux and 6 from Burgundy.

This cultural mix and the outstanding work done in the vineyards make Château Réaut stand out among other properties.

Its uniqueness also shows in its coat of arms, which associates the symbols of Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Over 550 private co-owners from 15 different countries

Château Réaut’s unusual ownership structure is supported by an even more original community-based investment scheme bringing together over 550 private co-owners, wine professionals or simple wine lovers, from all over France and 15 different countries.

These shareholders are now Réaut’s most valued ambassadors. Every year they get together for a big harvest festival attended by over 600 people, a one-of-a-kind event in Bordeaux!

A commitment to quality endorsed by Michel Rolland

Château Réaut boasts a very densely planted vineyard combined with an exceptional terroir, providing ideal conditions to ensure the highest quality of grapes.

It benefits from the extensive know-how of its partners, some of whom manage other prize-winning wineries.

To meet the expectations of the owners who started this adventure and create the most remarkable wines, Château Réaut follows famed oenologist Michel Rolland’s inspired guidelines.

Praised by wine experts, Château Réaut’s first-class vintages are the result of the whole’s team hard work and determination to craft the finest Côtes de Bordeaux wine.